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I bought this so that it could be later RELEASED!!!!!

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Hello There

Last night was the 1st round of the NHL Draft. Unfortunately, I was not able to view it...well not really "unfortunately" because the Orioles rallied to win against the Nationals in an awesome game (seriously, it was an awesome game). Anyway, the Capitals had #26 and chose Evgeny Kuznetsov.

So let's find out a bit about this cat.

Harry How - Getty Images

Born: May 19, 1992

Birthplace: Chelyabinsk, Russia

Height: 6 ft 1 in

Weight: 176 lbs

Current Team: Traktor Chelyabinsk in the Kontinental Hockey League

Position: Center/Right Wing

Here's what futureconsiderations.ca has to say:

"Strengths: A skinny yet highly explosive offensive talent who creates scoring chance whenever he is on the ice. A shifty skater who generates a good amount of speed and has the lateral agility needed to pull off electrifying one-on-one moves. Has soft hands which allow him to carry and protect the puck through traffic. Has a nice shot that when he gets off mid-stride is very elusive for goalies to track. Outstanding natural instincts and knows where to be o the ice for his chances. Has that dynamic 'pull you out of your seat' talent."

"Weaknesses: Small and easily muscled off the puck by larger opponents. Needs to add 15-20 pounds of muscle. Has the 'Russian Factor' to overcome which is the biggest reason he is not a first round selection. Has intensity and compete level inconsistencies as one game his feet never stop moving and the other times he barely gets his engine going. Defensively needs much work and coaching."

"Notes: After a disappointing IIHF U20 World Junior Championship in Saskatoon with an underachieving Russian squad, Kuznetsov has been able to push his draft stock up with dominating performance at both the 6-Nations Tournament in February and the IIHF U18 World Championship this past April. Signed a two-year extension on his contract with Chelyabinsk in May."

Third Round: Stanislav Galiev - 86th pick

Born: January 17, 1992

Birthplace: Moscow, Russia

Height: 6 ft 1 in

Weight: 175 lbs

Current Team: Saint John Sea Dogs - QMJHL

Position:Right Wing

Here's what futureconsiderations.ca has to say:

"Strengths: A talented and flashy skater with moves to burn. Is a stickhandling wizard with great individuals skills. A playmaker by nature, he loves the puck on his stick as he enters the zone and uses his vision and quickness to open up options for his linemates. Skates very well with impressive lateral agility and loads of explosive spunk in his step. Weaves in and out of traffic with the puck and pushes many defenders back on their heels because of his overwhelming speed and skill. Is not all offense all the time as he uses his quickness and smarts to play solid defensively in his own zone as well. He utilizes a quick stick to strip attackers and create a quick transition. A dangerous forward who is always a risk to create a scoring opportunity every time he touches the puck."

"Weakness: Shot is weak and that with all his skill he often comes out of games with little to show production wise. Has a penchant for disappearing when physical checking gets too heavy."

"Notes: Galiev played last season with the USHL's Indiana Ice who won the Clark Cup at league champions"

Fifth Round - Philipp Grubauer

Born: November 25, 1991

Birthplace: Rosenheim, Germany

Height: 5 ft 11 in

Weight: 165 lbs

Current Team: Windsor Spitfires - OHL


Here's what futureconsiderations.ca has to say:

Scouting report: An average size athletic goalie who uses quickness and reflex to stop the puck. Covers a lot of the lower net with good flexibility and quick pads. Focused and able to shake off a bad goal or entire outing. Finds the puck in traffic. Does not subscribe to a specific style and plays loose a game technical game. Impressive last year but seemed to stall in development this season. Raw but full of potential if a team is willing to wait for him to develop. Has a good trapper that protects much of the upper portion of net. Started off slowly in Belleville but really seemed to play better with a better squad in front of him in Windsor."

NHL Potential: Backup goaltender

Caleb Herbert - 142nd pick


Birthplace: Minnesota

Height: 5 ft 10 in

Weight: 175 lbs

Current Team: Bloomington Jefferson High School (Minnesota)


Here's what WCHB (Western College Hockey Blog) had to say:

" Caleb Herbert was a little late to the NHL Draft radar after missing most of his sophomore season of high school hockey with a broken leg. But that summer, he returned to the ice and was extremely impressive at USA Hockey’s Select 17, earning an invite to the US Select team that traveled to the Ivan Hlinka tournament.

The following winter, he returned to Bloomington Jefferson and helped return the Jaguars to prominence, by going undefeated until losing to powerhouse Edina in the section final. In his senior year, he was the leading scorer in the fall Elite League, and was a finalist for Minnesota’s Mr. Hockey award.

Herbert is a very gifted offensive player. He’s got an excellent burst of speed, and great instincts in the offensive zone. He’ll likely play a year in the USHL next season, where he’ll refine his offensive skill against older, tougher competition, before heading to the University of Minnesota-Duluth in 2011

Herbert definitely seems like a boom-or-bust type of prospect, whose future will depend on his ability to keep scoring lots of goals, something that may be tougher as he faces better, and perhaps more importantly at his size, bigger, more physical competition. But there is certainly enough talent there to justify using a mid-to-late round draft pick on him.

He’ll get a year in the USHL, and four years at Minnesota-Duluth which should help him develop into a more well-rounded, complete player. If he adds that dimension to his game, along with speed and ability to contribute offensively, he could develop into a solid second or third line forward for some NHL team"

Sam Carrier - 6th Round, 176th
Born: April 28, 1992

Birthplace: Laval, Quebec, Canada

Height: 6 ft 1 in

Weight: 186 lbs

Current Team: Lewiston (QMJHL)

Position: Defenseman

Don't know much about him.

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Congratulations Blackhawks!


Ovechkin ad

Reebok Zigtech - Ovechkin from soundscape music + sounddesign on Vimeo.

Animated Ovechking

Check out this post by Japer's Rink. It's a little ridiculous:


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This is for Jane

So I'm doing another one of those live thingies for the CHI v PHI game and Bears v Stars game since poor Jane is stuck at work and I have nothing better to do. Besides hockey is Jane's life and I can definitely relate :)

Blackhawks v Flyers @ 8pm on NBC
Bears v Stars @ 8:30pm on whatever video stream I can find

Blackhawks are looking to win the Stanley Cup tonight and let's hope they do since I have plans on Friday and won't be able to watch.

Bears are looking to tie up the series tonight in Texas! Come on Bears!!

- Haha Pierre is interviewing Pronger pre-game. He's such a carrot top
- Not digging the live person singing the National Anthem but I will say that they way the set it up with the archived singer is pretty awesome.
- Blackhawks are giving Leighton a run for his money (SOG 5-1 @ 15min)
- non stop thus far. Quick game? We'll see once the penalties start Flying in (see what i did there?)
- CODY EAKIN is in for the Bears and ASHTON ROME is out and Texas Stars are without Dman Andrew Hutchinson
- Neuvy is in goal but that's no surprise
- My prediction was correct. Pronger with a blantant holding penalty and yet he argues it....DOUCHE
(still searching for a Bears feed)
- Blackhawk penalty against Sopel for interference
(got my Hershey feed, phew!)
- BEARS SCORE!!!!! PPG!!!!! 1-0 AUCOIN!!!!
- This is totally a Bears game. They're skating so well
- Penalty against Seabrook for Elbowing
- Another penalty against Pronger for hi-sticking
- Chicago Penalty against Sopel for interference
- SHIT Flyers score. Homeless Hartnell 1-1 PPG as he takes an extra hit against Keith. Figures
- CHI v PHI end of Period 1; 1-1; 5 penalties; 17-6 SOG CHI; 1000 hits
- 7,032 in attendance for the Bears game. Apparently the most ever for a Texas game....i wonder why? It's because of the Bears!
- Oh god, Texas team has twins. Now I really hope they lose. Twins just freak me out.
- Neuvy with some awesome saves thus far.
- Some confusion with the Aucoin goal. Can't decide if it's Aucoin's or Gordon, but it looks like it's staying with Aucoin. Would have been a wicked tip in by Gordon if it were his. Staying with Aucoin so 2nd goal of the playoffs for him
- Texas PP - Pinizzotto with a holding penalty and caught yawning while going to the penalty box. No remorse! Good Bear.
- DAMNIT Stars goal 1-1 Rallo
- Neuvy pounces like a doggie bear after Eakin sacrifies himself for a block. Aww
- End of Period 1: 1-1; 2 penalties; 7-6 SOG TEX
- Hi-stick against Hartnell on Jalmersson - checking for blood. no blood so just 2 minutes.
- Leighton is pretty good. Just sayin'. Too bad he's a Flyer. (19 v 8 SOG CHI)
- Kane really looks ridiculous with that mullet and chomping on his mouthguard on the bench.
- SHIT! Leino gets one past Niemi 2-1 Flyers
- Crosschecking call against the Flyers
- So my Bears feed apparently just shows what is on the jumbo tron and is currently in between 1st and 2nd periods and are doing a "Cowboy camera." Frankly, I do not like this. Basically it's a dance cam but for people with cowboy hats and line dancing. Oh Texas.
- Hossa penalty. And not happy about it. BAD CALL! BAD CALL! Goaltender interfence but had no way around it since a Flyer was at his ankles. BS call
- SHARP TIES! 2-2 PK goal
- Crosschecking Texas Penalty. Hershey PP!
- Looks like Neuvy's butt is torn....but could be ice. Very important details, I know.
- @dchesnokov "A great game in Philadelphia! Pizza vs. Cheesesteak all square now" - I enjoy that reference
- Stanley Cup has arrived in Philadelphia while the Stars go on a PP
- Apparently Mathieu Perreault is currently single. Good to know.
- Chicago breaks the tie!!!!!!! because richards sucks! Ladd has a deflection goal
- Stars with a PP on a Too Many Men on the Ice penalty aagins the bears
- Stars PP goal :( 2-1
- End of Second Period for CHI and PHI; 3-2 CHI; 4 Penalties; 27-13 SOG CHI; 2000 hits
- BEARS TIE!!! BEAGLE!!!!!!! 2-2. Looks like dogs can score! uhhhh that's what she say? I'm sorry.
- Carlson hit in the face and heads to the bench. Looks like he's okay because he's frackin' CAPTAIN AMERICA!
- Helmer to the box. Another Texas PP for the 3rd time in the 2nd
- Holy shit Neuvy is awesome. I'm pretty sure he has 5 arms. Lots of pressure from Texas but Neuvy is having none of it.
- End of 2nd period for Bears. 2-2; 4 penalties; 18-14 SOG TEX total
- awww looks like Giroux is now credited with the Beagle goal. Looks like dogs can't score...
- Oh man, the Kiss cam during the Bears/Texas game. They're much more creepy than people in MD/DC. I was so distracted by this that I missed the Briere penalty. Whoops!!
- 30-13 SOG CHI. That is ridiculous. That's like Montreal type of skewness. Leighton is holding strong....despite being on the wrong team.
- oh man, bears now have the dance cam. Distraction ensues. Although their dancing still has a lot of line dancing connotations. Texans are an interesting breed.
- hershey PP!!!
- Perreault and Beagal have a few changes but Climie says no
- Flyers score. Stupid Hartnell 3-3. maybe have been deflected off of Hossa. can we please put the cup away. i don't like this curse. Maybe it didn't touch him. I don't know. but I don't like it. No, I believe it scored off his foot. WTF.
- This game is too intense. Too distracted for the Bears at the moment. They're still tied.
- Non call on Ladd for hitting Leighton. Almost the end of the 3rd and still tied. Long night ahead.
- Bears PP!!!
- CARLSON SCORES!!!!!!! 3-2!!! 2 min left CAPTAIN AMERICA!!!!!
- Bears PP!!!
- Giroux with the empty net. 4-2!!! BEARS TIE THE SERIES!
- Bears final: 4-2 Bears; 26/27 SOG Texas; 9 penalties

I hope you enjoyed this, Jane

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Capitals New Young Bloods

So the Capitals have already signed Marcus Johansson and Cody Eakin....but they now retain the rights to Dmitri Orlov, Brett Flemming, Garrett Mitchell, and Patrick Wey (while he's still at Boston College)...so let's learn a bit a bout them, eh?

Dmitri Orlov:

Born: July 23, 1991
Birthplace: Novokuznetsk, Russia
Position: Defense
Shoots: Left
Height: 6'0''
Weight: 197 lbs
Draft: 2009 NHL Entry Draft / Round: 2nd 55th Overall

Current Team: Metallurg Novokuznetsk

Awards: 2008, 2009 WJC18 Silver (Russia)/ 2010 WJC 8th place (Russia)

Could he be the blueliner that we so desperately need?

Brett Flemming:

Born: Feb 26, 1991
Birthplace: Burlington, ON, Canada
Position: Defense
Height: 5'11''
Weight: 175 lbs
Draft: 2009 NHL Entry Draft / Round: 5th 145th Overall

Current Team: Mississauga St. Michael's Majors (OHL)

2008-09: 64 (GP) / 3 (G) / 25 (A) / 89 (PIM)
2009-10: 68 (GP) / 1 (G) / 23 (A) / 90 (PIM)

Flemming is either a fighter or just hates pink.....

We could possible use him.

“There is something about that player that intrigues us,” says McPhee of Flemming. “He is a smart player. And when you’re a smart player you usually adapt and adjust to your environment and to what’s required. He may be one of those guys who can do a lot of different things, play the wing, play defense, lug the puck, defend. There is something about him that we like, and we’re happy we drafted him and we just hope that he continues to develop.”

Garrett Mitchell:

Born: Sept 2, 1991
Birthplace: Regina, SASK, Canada (awww he can be friend with Brooksie!)
Position: Defense
Height: 5'10''
Weight: 180 lbs
Draft: 2009 NHL Entry Draft / Round: 6th 175th Overall

Current Team: Hershey Bears (AHL) / Regina Pats (WHL)

2009-10: Hershey Bears - 1 (GP)
2009-10: Regina Pats - 57 (GP) / 15 (G) / 16 (A) / 110 (PIM)
2008-10: Regina Pats - 71 (GP) / 10 (G) / 5 (A) / 140 (PIM)

There are more past stats, but I think those two years show it all. He played less games yet had more Goals and Assists and played cleaner. I think he'll be a good addition.

And he's not afraid to fight!

He's looking to be one of my upcoming favorites.

“He’s a very competitive kid,” says McPhee of Mitchell. “He’s very good along the boards; gets pucks in, gets them out. He has good jump and very good strength in his legs. We like the way that he’s coming along and hope he continues to improve over the next year.”


Born: Oct 6, 1990
Birthplace: Landskrona, Sweden
Position: Center/Wing
Shoots: Left
Height: 5'11''
Weight: 189 lbs
Draft: 2008 NHL Entry Draft / Round: 1st 24th Overall

Current Team: Hershey Bears (AHL) / Regina Pats (WHL)

2007 - Sweden WJC U18 (Bronze)
2008 - Sweden WJC U18 (4th)
2009 - Sweden WJC U18 (Silver)

awww there's going to be 2 backstroms! (accent wise)

Code Eakin:

Born: 25 May 1991
Birthplace: Winnipeg, Manitoba, CAN
Position: Center
Shoots: Left
Height: 5'10''
Weight: 180 lbs
Draft: 2009 NHL Entry Draft / Round: 3rd 85th Overall

Current Team: Hershey Bears (AHL) / Swift Current (WHL)

2009-10: Hershey Bears: 4 (GP) / 2 (G) / 0 (A) / 2 (PIM)
2009-10: Swift Current Broncos (WHL): 70 (GP) / 47 (G) / 44 (A) / 71 (PIM)
2008-09: Swift Current Broncos (WHL): 54 (GP) / 24 (G) / 24 (A) / 42 (PIM)
Not bad, Not bad. My only concern is, not sure if we need that many centers, so he could play for Hershey for a bit before there's a place for him on the Caps? But we know that Boudreau likes to change his centers quite often.

Good video aside from the annoying as hell commentator...like omg

Patrick Wey:

We own him while he's at Boston.

Born: 21 Mar 1991
Birthplace: Pittsburgh, PA
Height: 6'3''
Weight: 203 lbs
Draft: 2009 NHL Entry Draft / Round: 4th 115th Overall

Current Team: Boston College

2009-10: Boston College: 27 (GP) / 0 (G) / 5 (A) / 24 (PIM)
2008-09: Waterloo Black Hawks (USHL): 58 (GP) / 7 (G) / 27 (A) / 75 (PIM)
2007-08: Waterloo Black Hawks (USHL): 35 (GP) / 1 (G) / 5 (A) / 30 (PIM)

I may have to disown him since he's from Pittsburgh BUT he played for Waterloo and that's where my dad is from, so he's back in my good graces. phew. That was close.

So there you have it. You'll more than likely see these cats soon...some you've already seen Hershey-wise.

Also be on the lookout for Mr. Anton Gustafsson!!!