Friday, July 11, 2014


So why create a Party/Decoration/Event Planning blog?  Well, every since I can remember I always loved creating lists and making sure everything would succeed with some sort of process.

When I was in Middle School I started to play guitar and bass but I was never really good enough to be in a band.  But that fateful day when I was asked to be band manager of a friends band in 9th grade (yes, 9th grade) that kind of was it for me.  I pretty much only did this for 4 years but I booked roughly 100 bands at roughly 30 shows and five venues including one international band from Slovenia (Ana Pupedan, I love you).  I used to have these crazy 8 hour events where they would be two PAs and constant music.  I was also in charge of the kitchen and the sound and making sure bands got paid and actually arrived.  Those were the days.  Unfortunately majority of the venues has since closed.

During this time I also took pictures of each of the bands I saw, so if you were a local band in the early 2000 who played in MD, I probably have pictures for you if you never got them from me.

I also was apart of Halfcab Records and we recorded an album.  I still have two boxes of these in my basement :)

However, in order to do these events one had to be meticulous and make lots of lists.  Lists are my favorite.

After high school, I wanted this to be a career so I went to college to receive an anticipated Music Management degree but after failing Accounting and absolutely hating Economics, I decided to drop that.  Luckily I was affiliated with the campus radio station and started a local music show during my freshman year and continued with that show all through college.

I also worked my way from just a DJ to Promotions Director to Music Director to Program Director to Assistant Station Manager to finally Station Manager during my Senior Year.  Our biggest claim to fame would be participation;, in the Baltimore Music Conference (BMC) as well as are Friday Freebies where we booked HaleStorm before they were famous.

I'd still love to do band promotion but majority of the venues are closed and those that aren't, seem to be under control, but if you want...I'll always help out!

Anyway, so I figured the next step would be event planning since it's somewhat the same.  Logistics are still everything....and lists!

So this blog with have some of my ideas that I've done throughout the years as well as some decorations I've created for said events.  In some ways it'll be my online portfolio.

I hope you enjoy!

Blog Change

So, I am deciding to change the format on this blog to Event Planning since I never really posted too much on here anyway! Stay tuned!