Monday, May 10, 2010

Vasiliy Koshechkin = Badass

To my great surprise, last night I found out that Universal Sports (which I believe you can only see via Converter box) plays some of the World Championships. So while I settled down to watch the Russia v Slovakia game (pre-recorded, mind's not as fancy as cable) I noticed something hilarious. Russia's 6'7'' goaltender (probably playing because Varly's equipment is still missing), Vasiliy Kosechkin has the most adorable mask I've ever seen. This guy is friggin' huge and barely fits in the net...yet his mask is full of kittens! You sir, are adorable and I will root for you forever....even though you're a Tampa Bay prospect.

He named the cat and it gets bored. Goaltenders are a different breed.

This is Koshechkin's kitty impression

Looks like he likes gray kitties too.

Anyway, after some research it appears that he's had this mask for a while. Oh well, I don't usually to get watch these games! It's new to me!

If you can find better pictures, please post in comments. This guy is awesome.


  1. just so you know, "koshechka" means something like "(female) kitty" in Russian :)