Friday, May 21, 2010


Yesterday were two ridiculous IIHF games. Game 1: Germany v Switzerland; Game 2: Russia v Canada.

Game 1: Germany v Switzerland

Germany ended up winning against Switzerland (1-0) but not without some drama. First of all, Germany wasn't even supposed to be in the World just so happened that they were hosting them, so you know, it would be nice if they could play. Along with the Danes, they've been some sort of a dark horse in these games. Anyway, back to the drama. The Germans thought that they won the match, but apparently due to international icing rules there was one second they had to roll up the carpet, lead the mascot off the ice, have the teams to back to their prospective benches, and get on with their faceoff for one second. After that one second was up all hell broke loose. Assistant coach for the Germans got into it one of the Swiss team members and the German coach was having none of that! Swiss are out but Germans have a very important game against the Russians on Saturday. Team on team rumble (+ coach) and blood on the ice! I love hockey!

Game 2: Russia v Canada.

Olympics revisited or what to expect in Sochi? Who knows. Well, it would have been better if they played this game tomorrow instead of yesterday, but whatever. Brooks Laich and Ovechkin got into it, which was pretty ridiculous. Let's hope what happens in Germany, stays in Germany. It was a good match riddled with penalties, but it wasn't enough for Team Canada who are now out of the championships.

I don't know about you, but I wouldn't want to be on the other side of that Ovechkin stare:

This picture pretty much sums up the game.

Russia is expected to win these games, but i'm sure Germany will not go down without a fight. The game is on Universal Sports at 2pm! I'm actually not sure if you silly cable people get that station or not, but I do!

Monday, May 17, 2010

19 and 90

I'm sure you know by now....

...but my favorite Cap has been signed to a 10 year $67 million contract. That means that he and Ovechkin's will be BFFs until the 2020 season. I'm so happy about this.

Please do not use your newfound funds and get a haircut. It just wouldn't suit you.

Not only was Backstrom re-signed, but Marcus Johansson was signed to a 3 year entry level contract! Yay! I'm so happy about this! Today was awesome in Caps land.

Saturday, May 15, 2010


I'm still sick and don't feel like doing anything tonight. So my sister and I went to the RedBox and rented Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. It's fantastic and I think everybody should rent it at one point during their life. Anyway, it has the background music to all-time favorite hockey intro...UAF NANOOK HOCKEY!!!!!!

SO GOOD. If you've never seen this...then enjoy:

My personal favorite

I haven't been able to find 2008-09, but these are good enough. Seriously, what's not to love? I suppose I'm biased since my favorite animal is the polar bear and I kinda love hockey and I kinda want to live in Alaska.

I want to go to a Nanook's game just to see this in person. Anybody up for a road trip to Alaska????

What the hell was that, Bruins?

So luckily I was cheering on the Baltimore Orioles last night rather than watching the Bruins v Flyers game because I assure you I would be more upset about than I am now. How the hell did the Flyers when the Bruins were up 3-0 in the series! (granted Caps were up 3-1, but 3-0 is way worse). Not only that, but were up 3-0 in the first period! I wonder if anything would have changed if they substituted Rask for Thomas after that 3rd goal. I'm sure it would have made Rask go berzerk, but then Thomas isn't shy either. Grumble grumble grumble. Man, I hate the really hate them. But at least they know get to take on the wrath of Halak, Markov, and Gill. Hopefully they'll irritate them so much that Carcillo, Hartnell and Pronger will all get game misconducts every single game so I won't have to look at them. Oh well, c'est la via and all that.

I wouldn't go this far to express how I feel:

But I will go this far:

Montreal, kick their asses. Sharks, kick Montreal's asses.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Reasons why this Penguins loss is important to Caps morale

I'm sure you know by now that the Penguins loss to those pesky Canadiens that just didn't seem to want to stay down. Caps got Halak'd and now the Pens. This is very important to Caps fans. Reasoning below:

1) There is a lot of bias between Penguins and Capitals fans/media and now that the Penguins loss there is no reason to say that #8 led their team to failure. It can now be said that #87 led their team to failure.

2) Penguins fans got a taste of karma. "City of Champions" my ass.

3) Habs shut down Crosby and Malkin the same way they did Ovechkin and Semin. Habs played pretty much the same way they did against us.

4) We know that Caps only lose to winners.

5) I don't have to hear shit talk from Penguins fans saying that their team is better (granted the made it through the 1st round but whatever...)

6) Now my prediction of a Sharks v Montreal final can come into fruition.

there's plenty more but I'm sick and my brain is becoming a haze! oh dear!


good hockey night

Canadiens, Bruins, and Bears....OH MY!

I'm going to try one of these live blog things, just because....keep in mind, i'm following 3 games. Nobody will read this though, but I'm deliriously sick and this is funny to me.

- HAHAHAHA Bears scored their first within the first 20 seconds and Habs scored in 32 seconds. tonight is going to be good

- I'm so glad Gill is back...complete with 50 stitches in his foot. hopefully it'll hold together for 60 minutes.

- I'm so glad Neuvy is in goal tonight. They're totally killin' the penalties. gotta love the bears.

- GIROUX! 2-0 Bears. Very nice. Monarch is such a stupid name for a hockey team. What kind of threatening beast is that? That's like calling your team the "Kitties"

- Plekanac was so close! It's weird that i hated you 2 weeks ago.

- Pens PP looks sloppy. I like this.

- Holy shit, Habs fans spent $750 a ticket to watch at Bell Center? That's crazy. At least it's all for charity.

- Way to get past Fleury....bang on his home. I think Fleury is going to get angry tonight.

- HOLY SHIT HALAK! Just took a stroll about 20 feet from the net and took the puck away. Halak, you sir, are awesome.

- Crosby got single teamed and then doubled teamed....i bet he liked it

- "Pittsburgh looks scared to death." i love this!

- Bears are up 2-0 after the first, Habs are up 2-0 after the first. coincidence? so the bruins should end the first 2-0 as well.

- 83% of Canadians watch hockey once a week (can you tell i'm watching Hockey Night in Canada?)

- "hockey gods love kindness" - this is why the Habs are up after the first according to HNiC

- boston game starts in 10 seconds. how am i going to watch 3 games at once. oh man

- crosby's mustache is so pedophile-y. i love that the habs are totally shutting him down. caps fans and pens fans can agree on something....habs are good at getting in the way

- i love how NHL's farm teams can be so far away from them. Case in point...Manchester (New Hampshire) Monarchs are L.A. Kings farm that would be why their mascot is a Lion (king of beasts) instead of a friggin monarch like their name would suggest. i wouldn't mind seeing a terrorizing monarch with razor wings

- Cammy one knee'd goal! 3-0! apparently he practiced that shot during warm ups (one knee and all). He practiced the goal that he made last game during warm ups as well.

- Moen!!!!! Your name reminds me of a faucet. 4-0. This game is so good. Is Fleury going to stay or go?

- ooooh gone. i bet fleury is PISSED. Hello there, former Cap.

- almost made it 5-0. i'm peeing myself

- I forgot Leighton is in goal for Boucher. Poor Boucher.

- This'll show those Penguins fans that they're no better than the Caps. I love this.

- shit. that's okay, Halak, you can let them have one. just no more.

- Pinizzotto making it 3-0 Bears

- Chris Pronger just looks like a douche

- Shit, I hate you Flyers. What are you doing scoring? Whatever, Richards, whatever...ew and assisted by Carcillo? can it get any worse!?!? What was a sweet pass though, Timonen. I'll give you that.

- Malkin is sucking.

- Stuart has a great playoff beard. he looks like a bruin

- stupid ponerkrovsky or however you spell your name. oh never mind...that was "long reach" staal's goal

- awwww everybody's hugging from getting close to Halak. doesn't kennedy know not to touch the goalie, especially when it's halak. that's like immortal

- subban is SO GOOD.

- i with the bruins would just end this. i really hate the flyers and carcillo and hartnell.

**all 3 games have intermissions at the moment, so in other hockey news:**
- Chelios is going to call it quits at 48 years old

- Stamkos is injured for Team Canada in the WC :-/

- Team USA has a relegation round they can play next year. ain't doing so well.

- Those Germans and Danes are the ones to watch out for .... they're sly.

** back to our regularly scheduled programming** (man, i really wish i beat this cold soon, i'm literally going crazy)

- goal waved off. penguins sad. "i mean the pick has to go in the net before you wave your was in halak's glove."

- Malkin is apparently the Penguins' version of Semin

- Rask is making some beastly saves. that's my boy!

- Alzner! 4-1 Bears

- i love how this feed is so anti-Penguins. oh hockey night in canada, i love you. "Crosby likes to embellish"

- i cannot get over how good Halak is. he hasn't really had a "bad day" at all during this series. it's currently 30 - 14 SOG (MTL). It's amazing that Halak generally has twice as many saves as the other goaltender.

- 4-2 Bears.

- 30th Too Many Men on the Ice penalty against penguins

- 4-2 Bears final. 2 more games to go.

- 5-2 MONTREAL!!!!! Take that 'guins. 'Guins retaliate with taking away Halak's net. if their pucks can't go in it then nobody can have it!

- Empty Pens net at 3:45.... desperation!!!

- Flyers need to stop scoring...but i'm too distracted with the PIT/MTL game to care

- HABS WIN!!!! HABS WIN!!!!!! 39 to 20 SOG. HALAK'D!!!!! This is awesome.


- Who is this leighton and why are you so good tonight? I hope they don't end up shutting out the bruins again.

- Penalty shot? you gotta be kidding me.

- Nice split glove save there, rask-y boy!!

- 1:59 more to go in this game. there's no point to keep going. Flyers force (well not really forced) game 7 against the Bruins :-/

- Lucic scores with a minute left.

Meh, 2/3 wins isn't bad....

Monday, May 10, 2010

Vasiliy Koshechkin = Badass

To my great surprise, last night I found out that Universal Sports (which I believe you can only see via Converter box) plays some of the World Championships. So while I settled down to watch the Russia v Slovakia game (pre-recorded, mind's not as fancy as cable) I noticed something hilarious. Russia's 6'7'' goaltender (probably playing because Varly's equipment is still missing), Vasiliy Kosechkin has the most adorable mask I've ever seen. This guy is friggin' huge and barely fits in the net...yet his mask is full of kittens! You sir, are adorable and I will root for you forever....even though you're a Tampa Bay prospect.

He named the cat and it gets bored. Goaltenders are a different breed.

This is Koshechkin's kitty impression

Looks like he likes gray kitties too.

Anyway, after some research it appears that he's had this mask for a while. Oh well, I don't usually to get watch these games! It's new to me!

If you can find better pictures, please post in comments. This guy is awesome.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Let's go San Jose!

Welp, since my boys, the Caps, lost in the first round of the playoffs on Wednesday I had to come to the realization that I needed to back a new team. Obviously it can't be Pittsburgh. I would like to have Montreal end up in the final just because it would make me feel better about our lost. Besides the Caps only lose to winners (which is why we beat the penguins 4 times during the regular season). So, I believe the final will be a matchup between Montreal and SAN JOSE who will win it all. This is because, not only are they good, but last year San Jose won the President's Trophy and lost in the first round of the playoffs (not until a certain team this year). So, it only seems fitting that if San Jose wins it all, the Caps will obviously win next year. After all, history ALWAYS repeats itself. Not to mention, the Sharks live in a friggin' Shark Tank and the come out of a shark's mouth. HOW BADASS IS THAT?! Seriously, what is more badass because I'd like to know.