Saturday, January 30, 2010

Panthers v. Capitals - January 29, 2010

I knew the game yesterday was going to be interesting due to the fact that the Capstronaut magically touched down in the section next to us. After the first Caps goal by Backstrom, he celebrated by running up and down the stairs. Well I guess I should use the word "running" loosely considering he's an astronaut. He fistpumped and danced around whilst having zero gravity for the remainder of the period. I didn't realize that his suit actually had "capstronaut" on the back of it...unless that's new. He also had a cohort with him who helped him drink his water and walked with him wherever he went. He had a Capstronaut jersey and I'm pretty sure he was his bodyguard.
After the first period he did end up back at his usual location...intimidating the visiting team behind their bench with his "I'm watching you" stare. While down there he actually has event staff sit next to him. He's a pretty big deal in these parts these days.

During the first period Mr. Backstrom gets his 22nd goal and Green gets a 2 minute elbowing penalty that would eventually suspend him for 3 games. Frankly it seems a little harsh but the NHL is cracking down on any hit that connects with a head regardless of injury on the other player. I will admit that I missed this happen because I was too distracted with the Capstronaut dancing around.

Knuble gets his 17th goal in the second and both teams get a few penalties. Also during the second, Green goes down with a knee to knee with Kulikov. Some say it was karma for the elbow in the first, who knows. He wasn't moving for a couple minutes but managed to get off the ice with a little help from Fehr. That's never anything you want to see, but luckily it wasn't a bad injury considering that he wanted to come back in during the third but Boudreau wouldn't let him. I'm sure his response was "awww shucks awww jeez coach! Let me in the game!" His injury seemed to have been an epic charley horse.

During the third Schultz finally gets a goal. It was his second this season, but as stats go he was the last Caps player to get a goal within 11 games. Go Schultz! He's silent but deadly. Knuble gets another goal as well.

All said and done, we won 4-1 over the Panthers!

After the game, my friend decided to "stalk" the players. Well in the sense of knowing where the only exit is to the garage. The players know the drill. If there's a red light out the garage then they roll down the window and talk with us. If not, they sped away. Luckily for them, most of them got green lights.

Now while I'm a lover of cars, I'll spare them with not giving the details of their cars and make me seem less creepy. Although if you ask, I'll tell you. I will say this...Morrison drives a Taurus. I just had to put it out there. He was the only one not driving an Aston Martin, Bentley, Audi, Mercedes, Lexus, Ranger Rover, or Lincoln. Even Neuvirth had a nice car.

I was actually amazed at the lack of time it took for the game to end and for them to leave. It was maybe 30 minutes at the most.

We heard the rev of an engine in the depths of the parking garage and Semin was the first out and quickly sped away in a silver torpedo with Poti in quick pursuit. Although they all sped off rather quickly if they didn't have the red light. Green was the unlucky one. While he was injured his was able to drive away (albeit not in his Lamborghini...but in a car that started with a "B" know the kind). His Lambo was behind him being driven by somebody else and going the opposite direction of him. My friend was able to get a signature from him at the red light.

Bradley rolled down his window and waved while he sped away. He looked rather happy.

The "AO GR8" revved his engine and when my friend shouted "Ovechkin!" he burned out and fishtailed for us. He's always looking to please his fans. It's not really a well-kept secret as to what he drives, but it truly is the batmobile.

We'll see if I "stalk" the players again. Frankly, I feel a bit awkward since there wasn't anybody else there aside from us. Apparently there's usually more standing out there, but not this time.

This game marked 9 in a row. Come on 10!