Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Flickr Referrals

Some people search for some weird things on the internet. I decided to take a look at the referrals and what people search to view some of my photos on Flickr. The results were frightening. Frightening that people searched for these topics and frightening that my photos were the result. I mostly blame the Museum of Crime and Punishment. Let's take a gander, shall we!?:

- Child kidnap
- Leg restraint
- Witch tortures
- Prisoners in irons
- Medieval irons
- Dillinger hair
- Ovechkin semin
- 15 century screws
- ghost night
- breast ripper
- beheading axe
- squirtzilla
- pictures of axe beheadings
- cast iron punishment leg irons
- german kabobs
- rippers for witch torture
- 1700s punishment blades
- little girl from the 1700's
- bruins are awesome
- ovechkin semin championship 2011
- sunglasses experiment
- where is america's most wanted filmed
- grange hall new market
- semin seal
- bambom bigball
- life german shoes
- flickr fingers of legs
- squirting emmy
- weird polarized lenses

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