Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Reasons why this Penguins loss is important to Caps morale

I'm sure you know by now that the Penguins loss to those pesky Canadiens that just didn't seem to want to stay down. Caps got Halak'd and now the Pens. This is very important to Caps fans. Reasoning below:

1) There is a lot of bias between Penguins and Capitals fans/media and now that the Penguins loss there is no reason to say that #8 led their team to failure. It can now be said that #87 led their team to failure.

2) Penguins fans got a taste of karma. "City of Champions" my ass.

3) Habs shut down Crosby and Malkin the same way they did Ovechkin and Semin. Habs played pretty much the same way they did against us.

4) We know that Caps only lose to winners.

5) I don't have to hear shit talk from Penguins fans saying that their team is better (granted the made it through the 1st round but whatever...)

6) Now my prediction of a Sharks v Montreal final can come into fruition.

there's plenty more but I'm sick and my brain is becoming a haze! oh dear!



  1. HOW ARE YOU STILL SICK?! feel so much better. HALAK ALAKA LAKA!

  2. it's this stupid horrible gut wrenching cough and it just so happens that my cough medicine has codeine in it. i only take it at home but it makes me crazy tired.