Wednesday, May 12, 2010

good hockey night

Canadiens, Bruins, and Bears....OH MY!

I'm going to try one of these live blog things, just because....keep in mind, i'm following 3 games. Nobody will read this though, but I'm deliriously sick and this is funny to me.

- HAHAHAHA Bears scored their first within the first 20 seconds and Habs scored in 32 seconds. tonight is going to be good

- I'm so glad Gill is back...complete with 50 stitches in his foot. hopefully it'll hold together for 60 minutes.

- I'm so glad Neuvy is in goal tonight. They're totally killin' the penalties. gotta love the bears.

- GIROUX! 2-0 Bears. Very nice. Monarch is such a stupid name for a hockey team. What kind of threatening beast is that? That's like calling your team the "Kitties"

- Plekanac was so close! It's weird that i hated you 2 weeks ago.

- Pens PP looks sloppy. I like this.

- Holy shit, Habs fans spent $750 a ticket to watch at Bell Center? That's crazy. At least it's all for charity.

- Way to get past Fleury....bang on his home. I think Fleury is going to get angry tonight.

- HOLY SHIT HALAK! Just took a stroll about 20 feet from the net and took the puck away. Halak, you sir, are awesome.

- Crosby got single teamed and then doubled teamed....i bet he liked it

- "Pittsburgh looks scared to death." i love this!

- Bears are up 2-0 after the first, Habs are up 2-0 after the first. coincidence? so the bruins should end the first 2-0 as well.

- 83% of Canadians watch hockey once a week (can you tell i'm watching Hockey Night in Canada?)

- "hockey gods love kindness" - this is why the Habs are up after the first according to HNiC

- boston game starts in 10 seconds. how am i going to watch 3 games at once. oh man

- crosby's mustache is so pedophile-y. i love that the habs are totally shutting him down. caps fans and pens fans can agree on something....habs are good at getting in the way

- i love how NHL's farm teams can be so far away from them. Case in point...Manchester (New Hampshire) Monarchs are L.A. Kings farm that would be why their mascot is a Lion (king of beasts) instead of a friggin monarch like their name would suggest. i wouldn't mind seeing a terrorizing monarch with razor wings

- Cammy one knee'd goal! 3-0! apparently he practiced that shot during warm ups (one knee and all). He practiced the goal that he made last game during warm ups as well.

- Moen!!!!! Your name reminds me of a faucet. 4-0. This game is so good. Is Fleury going to stay or go?

- ooooh gone. i bet fleury is PISSED. Hello there, former Cap.

- almost made it 5-0. i'm peeing myself

- I forgot Leighton is in goal for Boucher. Poor Boucher.

- This'll show those Penguins fans that they're no better than the Caps. I love this.

- shit. that's okay, Halak, you can let them have one. just no more.

- Pinizzotto making it 3-0 Bears

- Chris Pronger just looks like a douche

- Shit, I hate you Flyers. What are you doing scoring? Whatever, Richards, whatever...ew and assisted by Carcillo? can it get any worse!?!? What was a sweet pass though, Timonen. I'll give you that.

- Malkin is sucking.

- Stuart has a great playoff beard. he looks like a bruin

- stupid ponerkrovsky or however you spell your name. oh never mind...that was "long reach" staal's goal

- awwww everybody's hugging from getting close to Halak. doesn't kennedy know not to touch the goalie, especially when it's halak. that's like immortal

- subban is SO GOOD.

- i with the bruins would just end this. i really hate the flyers and carcillo and hartnell.

**all 3 games have intermissions at the moment, so in other hockey news:**
- Chelios is going to call it quits at 48 years old

- Stamkos is injured for Team Canada in the WC :-/

- Team USA has a relegation round they can play next year. ain't doing so well.

- Those Germans and Danes are the ones to watch out for .... they're sly.

** back to our regularly scheduled programming** (man, i really wish i beat this cold soon, i'm literally going crazy)

- goal waved off. penguins sad. "i mean the pick has to go in the net before you wave your was in halak's glove."

- Malkin is apparently the Penguins' version of Semin

- Rask is making some beastly saves. that's my boy!

- Alzner! 4-1 Bears

- i love how this feed is so anti-Penguins. oh hockey night in canada, i love you. "Crosby likes to embellish"

- i cannot get over how good Halak is. he hasn't really had a "bad day" at all during this series. it's currently 30 - 14 SOG (MTL). It's amazing that Halak generally has twice as many saves as the other goaltender.

- 4-2 Bears.

- 30th Too Many Men on the Ice penalty against penguins

- 4-2 Bears final. 2 more games to go.

- 5-2 MONTREAL!!!!! Take that 'guins. 'Guins retaliate with taking away Halak's net. if their pucks can't go in it then nobody can have it!

- Empty Pens net at 3:45.... desperation!!!

- Flyers need to stop scoring...but i'm too distracted with the PIT/MTL game to care

- HABS WIN!!!! HABS WIN!!!!!! 39 to 20 SOG. HALAK'D!!!!! This is awesome.


- Who is this leighton and why are you so good tonight? I hope they don't end up shutting out the bruins again.

- Penalty shot? you gotta be kidding me.

- Nice split glove save there, rask-y boy!!

- 1:59 more to go in this game. there's no point to keep going. Flyers force (well not really forced) game 7 against the Bruins :-/

- Lucic scores with a minute left.

Meh, 2/3 wins isn't bad....


  1. i read this entire post. <3. stamkos is candian? :-\

  2. haha he is. he had a concussion, so he may or may not return. i honestly am not entirely sure of how well team canada is doing in the WC, but i think think it's well. so he may be returning home soon.