Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Semin = "Two Face"

Whenever I see pictures of Alexander Semin of the Washington Capitals I am instantly reminded of the Seinfeld episode "The Strike." During this episode, Jerry announced the concept of "two-face" which according to Wikipedia is "someone who looks attractive sometimes and looks bad at other times, depending on exterior conditions, such as lighting." However, it's not so much attractiveness as it is oldness.

Here are a few examples:

Alexander Semin
Looks like he could be a little older than 26

Alexander Semin
Even his NHL roster photo doesn't quite show a 26 year old.

ok, we're getting there.

Yeah, still not quite looking 26.

But then there's this:
For the longest time I didn't know that was Semin just for obvious reasons (see previous photos). My assumption is that it is (green shirt on car) and after stalking some captions for this picture others seem to think so as well.

And then there's this. Dare I say a little Backstromesque? (that's saying a lot coming from me)

I think I've rest my case. Semin be tricksy or he could be vain and lying about his age? but only in bad lighting...or good lighting?

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  1. I happen to love Semin and think he is very good looking, but I agree that he either looks great in pics or terrible in them. He looks much younger while in full uniform and playing than any other time, although having seen him up close in person, I can say he looks his age, or at least within a couple of years of his age, in person.