Friday, December 4, 2009

horrible work story

So i'm kinda regretting my decision to take this new job. Today (my second day on the job) i got reemed by my company's president for not being confident enough and that i'm not supposed to say "i don't know" blah blah blah. This went on for a good 15 minutes. and he made me repeat things like i was a baby. and i had absolutely no idea why he was telling me these things. I started this job yesterday so of course i'm not going to know much.

Anyway, luckily this guy that is kinda my supervisor was also there and explained what brought this on. Apparently my new supervisor and a guy who is the "client" don't exactly like each other for whatever reason and the "client" guy heard me tell somebody that i didn't know what i was doing or something. Either that or when he asked who me who my supervisor was even before i started the job i said that i didn't know because nobody had told me yet.

so! the "client" guy went straight to the president of the company to get my new supervisor in trouble for not doing his job and apparently me as well.

so i get a call from my new supervisor (because i work in Frederick but report to DC) and was like "i heard you had a meeting today" and i was like "yes" and he was like "let this be a lesson to you about how you speak with the client" and i said "i honestly have no idea how this all happened." he then said that "some people are sometimes difficult"

so apparently i'm going to be in the middle of some bullshit because two guys can't get along

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